The Amazing World of Gumball: Adult Party Cartoon is an upcoming 2015 British/American/Australian/Canadian adult-oriented animated X-rated (mature/adult-rated) sitcom coming to [adult swim] and Comedy Central. It was supposed to be released in 2013 as an 11-minute R-rated sitcom, but it failed. This will be another [adult swim] cartoon to have alternative titles for 4 season straight. The sitcom runs for 22 minutes. It finally features Trey Parker as the voice of Gumball Watterson. It will also feature the former cast members of Total Drama, mostly Dakota, Zoey, Staci, Anne Maria, Sam, Mike, Cameron, Vito, whatever. The film "The Amazing World of Gumball: Adult Party Cartoon: All Hell Breaks Loose" is set for theatrical release in 2016, making the adult-oriented musical critically-acclaimed "non-semi-canonical" film the first [adult swim] animated film to be rated NC-17 by the MPAA. Before this sitcom aires on [adult swim], though "The Amazing World of Gumball" was rated TV-Y7-FV, and never aired on [adult swim], it is more considered to be an adult's animated sitcom rather than a children's cartoon. Most episodes feature Gumball having sex with Penny (unshelled), without giving her a disease. In this cartoon, Gumball Watterson acts just like Fritz the Cat. In this sitcom, there will be confessional inner thoughts from many characters in the show, and Anne Maria will die all the time. The sitcom is rated TV-MA-L-S-V, It's produced by Boulder Media, PFFFR (or PFFR), Studio Soi, Dandelion Studios, Williams Street, Radical Axis, Mercury Filmworks, Elliott Animation, Nelvana International Limited, Fresh TV, and distributed by Warner Bros. Television and Cake Distribution. The show's title is similar to Spike's "Ren & Stimpy: "Adult Party Cartoon" (a.k.a. "Ren & Stimpy's All-New Adult Party Cartoon"). The show is created by Ben Bocquelet, Jennifer Pertsch, & Tom McGillis. This TV series was banned and rejected by Cartoon Network for having "too much adult content".


  • Trey Parker as Gumball Watterson (age: 13)
  • Phil LaMarr as Darwin Watterson
  • Tara Strong as Anais Watterson
  • Candi Milo as Fionna Watterson
  • Teresa Gallagher as Nicole Watterson
  • Andy Merryll as Richard Watterson
  • Ron Rubin as H.A.R.-E. 5000
  • Curtis Armstrong as Clip-Clop
  • Macintalk Junior as Bobert
  • Harland Williams as Damien
  • Michael McDonald as Mike's singing voice and Satan
  • Lady Gaga as Penny Fitzgerald (the hot unshelled 13-year old deer with big breasts, long ginger-orange hair, and wears a black stripper outfit; Gumball's hot "sexy" girlfriend; cheerleader; stripper; hottest chick in Elmore; pop music star)
  • Ke$ha as Masami
  • Peter Oldring as Cody Anderson
  • Bill Faggerbakke as Kyle Fitzgerald (Penny's long lost super huge, super strong, and super stupid brother, first appeared in "The Brother")
  • Tom Kane as Mr. Fitzgerald
  • Jennifer Tilly as Mrs. Fitzgerald
  • Jessica McDonald as Stefani Fitzgerald (Penny's little sister)
  • Matt Stone as Tobias
  • Tom Kenny as Banana Joe, Dakota's daddy, Zoey's daddy, additional voices
  • Carlos Alazraqui as ToyBob
  • Ellie Goulding as Cousin Misty Watterson (Gumball's English pink panther rock music star cousin)
  • Rachel MacFarlane as Cousin Bubblegum Watterson (Gumball's sleveless shirt-wearing, capri-tights wearing, shoe wearing, purple-skirt-wearing, fashionable, famous, fabulous, big boobed cat cousing known to be in love with Tobias, she's always nice to Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Fionna, and a few other good guys)
  • Emilie-Claire Barlow as Courtney
  • Drew Nelson as Duncan
  • Brian Frowd as Harold McGrady and Sam
  • Rachel Wilson as Heather
  • Novie Edwards as Leshawna
  • Annick Obonsawin as Sierra
  • Carleigh Beverly as Dakota Milton
  • Barbara Mamabolo as Zoey (nicknamed "Zoe" by Dakota, because she's her best friend)
  • Ashley Peters as Staci
  • Athena Karkanis as Anne Maria (the tanning and multi-tasking chick that dies all the time)
  • Kevin Duhaney as Cameron
  • Cory Doran as Mike (the one without the multiple personality disorder) and Vito (Mike's former multiple personality, as he got a life of his own)
  • James Wallis as Scott
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Chuck (Penny's baby brother, first appeared in "The Baby")
  • Ian James Corlett as Gregory Watterson (the only human in the Watterson family, looks like Bob Oblong, but with mechanical arms & legs, father of Misty, Andrew, Bubblegum, and Pendleton Watterson)
  • Jim Cummings as Principle Brown
  • Lori Alan as Ms. Simian
  • Grey DeLisle as Carrie
  • John DiMaggio as Barfolemew Fitzgerald-Watterson (the son of Gumball & Penny; came from Gumball & Penny's stomachs, later got in the costume (taken from "SuperF*ckers" episode 2: "Sh*tstorm, MotherF*ckers") Anais & Fionna invented, first appeared in "The Gut"), Gumball's guts, various voices
  • Rupert Degas as Larry
  • Stephanie Anne Millis as Tina Rex
  • Christian Potenza as Mr. Wilson (the armless father, who only wears capri pants, sleveless shirts, and no shoes)
  • Wendy Schaal as Mrs. Wilson (Mr. Wilson's armless wife)
  • Kerry Shale as Steven Wilson the Duck (The WIlson's son, with wings as arms and legs as legs)
  • Katy Perry as Ellie Wilson the moose (the Wilson's daughter with arms & legs)
  • Alex "" Borstein as Wendy Watterson the Dog (Gregory's wife)
  • David Berni as Andrea Watterson (The only Cyborg Watterson, also known to be Gregory's son)
  • Sam Marin as Pendleton Watterson (the pig Watterson, also known to be Gregory's other son)
  • Dan Castellanetta as Kenny (Dakota's pet chihuahua)
  • Hugo Harrison as Ocho
  • Dana Snyder as Ms. Choksondik
  • Dan Russell as Mr. Small
  • Brittney Spears as Carmen
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Alan the Balloon, now with a robotic body
  • Schoolly D as himself
  • Primus as themeselves
  • various cast as themeselves


  • This show was originally going to be an 11-minute R-rated sitcom, but delayed.
  • This however is Ben Bocquelet's first fully adult-rated TV series, he did it along with Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGills.
  • It aired its first twelve episodes uncensored in April 2015 only at Private Cartoon Network Patries and Comic-Con Conventionals, later uploaded uncensored on [adult swim]'s official website and YouTube page.
  • It's an [adult swim] original series.
  • This show was banned and rejected by Cartoon Network for having like almost too much adult content.


  • The Nightmare - Gumball and Darwin wake up, they shouted out that they are late, Gumball saw Penny flexing, as she appears to have ginger-orange long hair on her head, and big boobies on her chest, and wears a stripper outfit. Gumball & Darwin go to school as Gumball officially goes to the 7th grade. And then Nicole picks up Gumball, Darwin, and Anais from school. Nicole drives her children to the orphanage to adopt a 3-year old daughter for life. They go to the orphanage to pick a new daughter, the orphanage owner shows Nicole and her children a purple-feathered, super-smart, super-strong, hippie bird named "Fionna Richdale", Nicole finally adopts Fionna, and after Fionna got adopted, she got a new last name called "Watterson", making her Gumball, Darwin, & Anais' adopted sister, and having her as Anais' new best friend, as Fionna is now a Watterson for life. They introduce Richard to Fionna and Richard loves having Fionna as an adopted sister. Gumball is even schedueled for Nicole & Richard's art class to paint Gumball's nudeness. And then, in Canada, Zoey picks up information from the town of Elmore, so does Dakota, Staci, Sam, Mike, Cameron, Vito,  Leshawna, Harold, Courtney, Duncan, Sierra, Cody, & Anne Maria. They all head to Elmore to meet Gumball and the others, after Gumball's nude picture is painted. Gumball & his friends now befriend the 14 Total Drama contestants. Gumball & Penny are now in Gumball's room and they start having sex, nobody was watching Gumball & Penny having sex, except for Bobert & Damien. Gumball & Penny were shocked, they called Bobert & Damien perverts. Gumball & all of his friends gave Bobert the nightmare of his lifetime.

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