The Psycho is a Season 6 episode from 2017.


Miss Simian decides she's had it with the students at Elmore Junior High, so she teams up with some other teachers to try and kill them. The kids find out about this, and create an army of their own. They go to war, but Miss Simian turns into a psychopath and starts trying to kill everyone and rule the world! But then things take a turn for the worse, which makes Miss Simian think twice about killing the children.


• Gumball is shot in this episode, but only wounded.

• Idaho is chopped up and made into French fries and eaten in this episode, marking the first time a character has died in the show.

• Anton disintegrates in this episode, but this has happened before in "The Recipe" and he came back to life, so he will probably come back to life in a later episode.

• This episode is the lowest rated episode in Season 6, and also the most controversial.

• This episode is banned in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Singapore due to Miss Simian wanting to kill everyone, Gumball being shot, all the blood and close up images of the kids' disturbing wounds, Idaho being eaten, and Anton disintegrating.

• This episode has a deleted scene in which Darwin is thrown out a window, but it was cut for time. Also, Richard, Nicole, and Anais were originally going to appear in this episode, but they were also cut for time.

• Speaking of deleted scenes, in Australia, many scenes were censored. Gumball being shot, Idaho being killed, Anton disintegrating, Rocky getting one of his eyes ripped off (though it was later put back on), and many of Miss Simian's lines about wanting to kill everyone in the school were all cut. Also, the blood and wounds were edited so they weren't there in the Australian airing.