Darwin: Ah, Elmore

Gumball: A place where the community is clean.

(shows that the streets are full of trash)

Darwin: A place where it's completly safe.

(shows Sal Left Thumb Hi-Jacking a car)

Sal Left Thumb: Oh... Umm.... I was just, eh... taking it for a test drive.

Darwin: (grinning) A place with very hot cats.

Stephanie: Hi Gumball.

Gumball: H-hey.

Cuts to the Watterson house. Nicole gets mail

Nicole: (gasping) Kids! Richard!

Anais: What is it this time?


Anais's head falls off, Gumball faints, Darwin screams like in The Secret, 

Richard: (squeky voice) I can't believe this.

Nicole: Let's go pack!

Cuts to Stephanie and Holly's ally way

Holly: (after getting the letter) Oh my...

Cuts to Watterson house the doorbell rings

Darwin: Hello!

Holly: Hello!

Nicole: What is it sweetie? Oh, Stephanie and Holly. What is it?

Stephanie: Can we please, please, please get a ride to the airport?

Nicole: Why, of course!

Cuts to the car

All: YAY!

The intro starts. The intro ends.

Darwin: This is gonna be awesome!

Gumball: (whispering) Dude, I can't believe that Stephanie and Holly are here!

Anais: (from far away) I can hear everything you know!

Gumball: O-kay?

Darwin: I know! This is my chance to ask Holly out!

Gumball: I know!

Darwin: I know!

End of Scene 1